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Russia's main attractions include art, magnificent (and restored) cathedrals and monasteries, treasures and palaces of the czars, the performing arts, health spas, river cruises, historic sites, spectacular scenery, Siberia, and Moscow's Kremlin. Russia will appeal to travelers who have a sense of adventure and an open mind. Don't expect a relaxing vacation or 5-star luxury unless you're in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Don't expect deluxe accommodations either — a trip through Russia requires determination, flexibility, and plenty of patience.


The people of Scandinavia share common bonds wrought by their Nordic geography, culture, and history. It sets their world apart and is poised to inspire yours. Scandinavia has unrivaled scenery, soft adventure in the clean air and pure water of the mountains, fjords, islands, and coasts. Culture, cuisine, and sights flourish in the history-rich, modern cities. You can also witness the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun here! A shopping spree, for example in Sweden’s fashionable retail districts, will smarten one’s image in a snap.  Challenge yourself with Nordic activities that define bravery in all new ways. Fly your snowmobile across a frozen sea in Finland to meet up with an icebreaker or climb the mountains for an amazing view. There is something for everyone in Scandinavia.


Explore Scotland, famous for its historic castles, traditional Highland games, and beautiful lochs. Discover the setting of world-famous movies, the place for stylish shopping, and the perfect stage for new and exciting events. You will find the country is a fantastic mix of stunning landscapes, wildlife, thriving arts, and cultural scenes. It is topped off with a colorful history of epic battles and historic castles.


Pint-sized Singapore is a mosaic of contrasting cultures. It's easy to be dazzled by Orchard Road's wall-to-wall malls, but you can take a breather at Chinatown's immense Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Hindu shrine, draped with marigold garlands. The city's mix of traditional, colonial, and futuristic motifs is best seen at the mouth of the Singapore River, where the spiky domed Esplanade Theatre is steps away from the neo-Palladian Asian Civilizations Museum.  Singapore offers you so much more than just fabulous food, exciting attractions, and sensational shopping, you’ll never want to leave!


Skiing is one of America’s favorite winter pastimes. Skiing is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle. You can ski in the west, east, and around the world. If this is your lifestyle, or you want to try skiing for the first time, let us find the perfect mountain just for you.

South America:

See beyond salsa, sombreros, and tequila. South America is a feast for the senses with something different for every kind of traveler! South America is a continent of extreme natural beauty, seasoned with mystical flavor, the renowned ancient empires of the Inca and Maya, the fragile Amazon Rain Forest, and the mighty Andes peaks.  Now is the time to explore the untamed beauty and mystery of this vast continent.

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